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Surnames, Family Trees and Biographies

A table of the surnames, family tree sites and biography sites. This table shows all of the websites registered with the Members' Websites Project in Type 3 (TNG) category.

Surname: surname studies.
Wiki: the Wiki biography homepage for this surname. Click on this item to go to the Wiki homepage. Red text indicates the Wiki page is not yet created.
Family Tree Website: the TNG family tree site for this surname. Click on this item to open a new browser window for the TNG surname homepage.
Owner: the Guild member registered to this surname.
Individuals: count of persons, living and deceased, in the TNG surname site.

Surname Wiki Family Tree Website Owner Individuals
Abrahall Abrahall Wiki Jim McCarthy 7
Aitchison Aitchison Wiki Diane Aitchison 6,158
Allard Allard Wiki Mike James 70,167
Allery Allery Wiki Graham Moore 4,539
Annandale Annandale Wiki Stephen Annandale 2,948
Armistead Armistead Wiki Karen Burnell 11,896
Armitt Armitt Wiki Susan Roworth 2,637
Ashbury Ashbury Wiki Gordon Ashbury 17,170
Astle Astle Wiki Peter Astle 7,250
Atherton Atherton Wiki Natalia Acevedo 47,034
Austen Austen Wiki Brian Austen 6,762
Barrell Barrell Wiki David Barrall 12,973
Barsby Barsby Wiki Susan Atkins 1,381
Benedict Benedict Wiki Jim Benedict 1,307
Bertie Bertie Wiki Ian Bertie 2,378
Bilbow Bilbow Wiki Kevin Merrison 4,287
Boocock Boocock Wiki Clive Boocock 10,211
Bouteloup Bouteloup Wiki Hillary Bouteloup 0
Bradish Bradish Wiki Peter Bradish 2,441
Brinston Brinston Wiki Marilyn Astle 480
Brotheridge Brotheridge Wiki John Cooper 5,181
Brough Brough Wiki Doug Brough 58,774
Brudenell Brudenell Wiki Maureen Mitchell 1,976
Bulmer Bulmer Wiki Paul Bulmer 337
Butcher Butcher Wiki Julie Goucher 4,725
Byard Byard Wiki Michael Bush 17,033
Carbaugh Carbaugh Wiki Kathy Harmon 1,087
Cath Cath Wiki Jenny Bussey 1,439
Cavie Cavie Wiki Colin Stevenson 1,299
Clohessy Clohessy Wiki Stephen Clohessy 1,038
Close Close Wiki Margaret Southgate 24,793
Clowes Clowes Wiki Gloria Carbaugh 1,174
Coker Coker Wiki Steven Coker 22,109
Comrie Comrie Wiki Tony Wren 1,445
Constantine Constantine Wiki Sheila Harris 9,644
Cordani Cordani Wiki Andrea Cordani 459
Cowlbeck Cowlbeck Wiki Adam Staines 1,491
Creber Creber Wiki Anthony Trice 541
Croft Croft Wiki Tracy Care 875
Culbert Culbert Wiki Jim Culbert 34,498
Cumberbatch Cumberbatch Wiki Bob Cumberbatch 11,559
Daglish Daglish Wiki Stephen Daglish 8,374
Dalgleish Dalgleish Wiki Stephen Daglish 16,354
Davidson Davidson Wiki Nicholas Hide 766
Dickens Dickens Wiki Alison Doyle 8,627
DuBose DuBose Wiki Steven Coker 59,065
Duignan Duignan Wiki Lasairiona Tipple 14,101
Edes Edes Wiki Diane Edes 1,312
Edgoose Edgoose Wiki Michael Edgoose 9,703
Emmett Emmett Wiki Malcolm Emmett 973
Farmery Farmery Wiki Alan Moorhouse 10,466
Farmiloe Farmiloe Wiki Andrew Farmiloe 1,535
Featherstone Featherstone Wiki Paul Featherstone 79,466
Fields Fields Wiki Jeff Fields 0
Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick Wiki Mike Fitzpatrick 3,394
Fowler Fowler Wiki Robert Fowler 0
Foxall Foxall Wiki Len Davies 17,230
Freathy Freathy Wiki Peter Towey 340
Frisken Frisken Wiki Ed Frisken 5,078
Gasson Gasson Wiki Mike James 3,696
Gayford Gayford Wiki David Barrall 3,692
Gimblett Gimblett Wiki Barbara Roach 136
Glaentzer Glaentzer Wiki Michele Lewis 1,735
Glasper Glasper Wiki David Probett 7,815
Gowen Gowen Wiki Yvonne Butterfield 6,216
Hally Hally Wiki Jim McCarthy 8,232
Hamber Hamber Wiki George Hamber 2,777
Harlow Harlow Wiki Robin Harlow 89,033
Hatchett Hatchett Wiki Tim Hatchett 3,386
Hawley Hawley Wiki Josie Driver 13,752
Hemingway Hemingway Wiki Maurice Hemingway 14,940
Hidden Hidden Wiki Nick Hidden 5,852
Higton Higton Wiki Nicholas Higton 13,056
Hiley Hiley Wiki Christopher Hiley 1,539
Hockliffe Hockliffe Wiki Helen Williams 0
Horsley Horsley Wiki Harry Nicholson 711
Horsman Horsman Wiki Sue Horsman 7,452
Howlett Howlett Wiki Brian Howlett 81
Hunnisett Hunnisett Wiki Cheryl Hunnisett 615
Hunter Hunter Wiki Carol Hunter-Sullivan 4,408
Istance Istance Wiki Joan Chopping 307
Jubb Jubb Wiki Maureen Mitchell 13,776
Kearsley Kearsley Wiki Alexandra Haslip 6,697
Kester Kester Wiki Virgil Kester 108
Kingswell Kingswell Wiki Richard Kingswell 1,312
Kluzak Kluzak Wiki Grant Kluzak 734
Koonce Koonce Wiki Taneya Koonce 3,915
Laidman Laidman Wiki Nicholas Michael 33,069
Leeming Leeming Wiki Tony Leeming 3,679
Lewton Lewton Wiki Jim McCarthy 346
Lingwood Lingwood Wiki Diane Lingwood 11,514
Linthicum Linthicum Wiki Terry Linthicum 22,524
Looney Looney Wiki Larry Johnson 6,170
Margetson Margetson Wiki Brian Margetson 18,881
Marter Marter Wiki Antony Marter 4,892
Matthews Matthews Wiki Grahame Matthews 3,735
Maunder Maunder Wiki Allen Maunder 28,424
May May Wiki Tolen May 460
McDuff McDuff Wiki Len Davies 7,760
McElrea McElrea Wiki Kathleen Cooper 0
Mcveigh Mcveigh Wiki Teresa McVeigh 3,326
Merredew Merredew Wiki Elizabeth Holliday 3,807
Messervey Messervey Wiki Peggy Chapman 4,372
Metheringham Metheringham Wiki Dora Kewin 0
Mewburn Mewburn Wiki Ian Macdonald 5,467
Monnington Monnington Wiki Colin Stevenson 1,586
Mortimer Mortimer Wiki Roger Mortimer 1,244
Moses Moses Wiki John Moses 4,830
Muckleston Muckleston Wiki Janet Mackleston 15,012
Murch Murch Wiki Ros Haywood 1,306
Newman Newman Wiki Robert Newman 58,083
Newth Newth Wiki Graham Moore 5,413
Oldham Oldham Wiki Jan Oldham 60,266
Orlando Orlando Wiki Julie Goucher 370
Pamplin Pamplin Wiki Susan Murphy 1,797
Pennyfather Pennyfather Wiki Trevor Penfold 2,209
Pepler Pepler Wiki Marie Byatt 22,460
Philo Philo Wiki Dr Tony Harris 21,394
Pilkington Pilkington Wiki Judith Yeats 864
Pimble Pimble Wiki Gerald Cooke 6,788
Powling Powling Wiki Robert Powling 14,247
Rasco Rasco Wiki Mark Rasco 6,435
Rashleigh Rashleigh Wiki Martin Watson 10,368
Ravenscroft Ravenscroft Wiki Karen Burnell 10,774
Reynish Reynish Wiki Pat Wilson 2,319
Ridsdale Ridsdale Wiki John Lisle 14,303
Rippingale Rippingale Wiki Jane Davies 3,500
Robles Robles Wiki Susan Long 179
Roope Roope Wiki Evelyn O'Connor 1,106
Rosling Rosling Wiki Hilary Gadsby 0
Ruby Ruby Wiki Paul Howes 10,253
Runciman Runciman Wiki Lorna Henderson 1,360
Sabey Sabey Wiki Jane Absolom 450
Sandham Sandham Wiki David Sandham 16,543
Scotchmer Scotchmer Wiki Susan Atkins 2,609
Scroop Scroop Wiki Marie Byatt 1,410
Sennett Sennett Wiki Corinne Curtis 6,963
Shenton Shenton Wiki Scott Shenton 902
Skaife Skaife Wiki Gary Barton 1,261
Smollett Smollett Wiki Len Davies 1,403
Smythson Smythson Wiki Andrea Denby 594
Stamper Stamper Wiki Jesse Stamper 209
Stedman Stedman Wiki John Lisle 125,552
Stermenszky Stermenszky Wiki Magda Miller 1,533
Stymiest Stymiest Wiki Carl Stymiest 65,548
Swadling Swadling Wiki Patricia Kearns 380
Tallentire Tallentire Wiki Melvyn Conlong 10,033
Tarn Tarn Wiki Melvyn Conlong 8,557
Thorndike Thorndike Wiki Patricia Palmer 7,615
Thornton Thornton Wiki Langdon Hagen-Long 4,236
Toll Toll Wiki Ken Toll 8,326
Treagus Treagus Wiki Alan Waterhouse 2,206
Trevorrow Trevorrow Wiki Warwick Anderson 4,634
Vant Vant Wiki Jean Toll 1,981
Vertigan Vertigan Wiki David Hall 274
Vickerman Vickerman Wiki Maureen Mitchell 5,281
Walduck Walduck Wiki Tony Walduck 1,266
Whittall Whittall Wiki Tracy Care 176
Whittle Whittle Wiki Steven Coker 7,134
Wigzell Wigzell Wiki Ray Wigzell 0
Williscroft Williscroft Wiki Jill Dixon 13,262
Worship Worship Wiki Julie Goucher 23
Wye Wye Wiki Wendy Pratt 259