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In 1533 a William was Churchwarden at Shawbury. A lease date 5th November 1533 25th year of Henry VIII from Robert Dicken and William Peplow wardens of the parish of Scabery and the whole parishioners of the same to Dame Elizabeth Corbett of Paynton, widow, of “oone mese place sett and lying with Scabury call the hall” for 61 years at an annual rent of ciiijs, paying also an heriot (“an herald”) of vis viijd “any such tyme as dethe shall fortune”. From the twelfth century until the Reformation, Shawbury church belonged to Haughmond Abbey. According to Marie Byatt, William was born in 1511. It seems unlikely that William would be churchwarden at the early age of twenty-two so the churchwarden was probably his father. William appeared at a muster on Muster Hill, near Newport, as a billman with Roger and George Peplow, bowmen – probably his brothers. George lived at Besford in the parish of Shawbury where he died in 1570. He married Margaret who bore him four children: Jane who died in 1568, Andrew, Elizabeth and Robert. Elizabeth married John Hathaway in January 1580. Andrew, who died in 1612, married Elizabeth and had five children: John 1580, Vincent 1581, Elizabeth 1584, George 1584 and another Vincent 1587 but no known descendents. Robert lived at Booley, a hamlet in the parish of Stanton upon Hine Heath, and only two or three miles from Besford. Robert’s son George, who died in 1644, married Dority Lacon and had a son Richard, who married Abigail. Richard was the father of the Reverend Robert Peplow of Stanton upon Hine Heath 1660- 1746. Robert’s wife, Susanna Wittenhull, bore him ten children, one of whom was the Reverend Robert Peplow of Moreton Say. (Moreton Say is in the north of the county, bordering Cheshire). Another son, John, moved to Shrewsbury and had two wives, Sarah Cotton and Abigail Brittain. William Cotton Peplow, seeds man, and George Brittain Peplow, both of Shrewsbury, were his sons. That takes George’s line to about 1850. Nothing is known of Roger. Marie says that the only reference she has to a Roger is a Roger Pepler in early Wiltshire records.

William, a tenant of Sir Andrew Corbett, died at Shawbury in 1552. He left a will dated 5th November 1551, proved at Lichfield 20th May 1552. In his will he mentions one daughter “to Mergerie my daughter £4 over and above her parts of goods that she knows her own”. At this time he had five sons; “to Roger me sohne 20s, to Omfrey me sohne 40s over and above his own goods now known, to John me sohne 26s8d, to Hughe me sohne 4 marks, to Wylliam me sohne £3.6s.8d.1 To Wylliam he also left “the panne that was my fathers, my great broche in the keeping of Robert Bayne with golberts.” The residue or half of his goods were left to Anne, his wife. The witnesses were Thomas Asheton, Vicar of Shawbury and Master Frauncys Wortley and the executors Annes my wife, John Barker of Culsys and John Jannys of Shawburye. As none of his children were named as executors it seems possible that they were all under twenty-one in 1551 which tallies with his age being only forty. William also desired in his will that “my Lady Dame Elizabeth Corbett and my Master Sir Andrew Corbett be overseers of my will”. An inventory taken on 17th May 1552 – value under £10 – comprised a yoike of oxen, 3 kine, a mare, a score of sheep, bedding, brass and pewter, gees and hens, a sow and three pigs. Anne, his widow was buried at Shawbury 15 March 1565.