Genealogy of the Benedicts in America - a History

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Here continues the folklore and descendants of those ancestors of ours. You will find the biographies and family lines of our Benedicts from Thomas on down to the more recently departed. This is a gathering of family stories, tales, research and other loose ends. Where we can, we have sources; but a good story is worth saving for the children. If you have a Benedict story to tell, please consider registering into the website. It has an easy way for you to add and edit web pages;-- just check out the tutorial link in the left-hand column.

The Benedict History book is derived from two previous publications: "Genealogy of the Benedicts in America", volumes I and II, as well as many contributions of others in print and on the internet. Click in the Introduction link, below, for more details.

The pages in this book is of the lives, environments and folklore of the Benedict extended family. You can also visit the family tree at Benedict Generations. The family tree profiles and the book biographies are cross-linked for your reference.

Cast of Characters
England Predecessors
The First Settler
The Second Generation
The Third Generation
The Fourth Generation